The success of this site — as a constructive public forum — depends on  the quality of the give and take among the site’s users.   Remember, we are not in the business of personal attacks on fellow citizens or town officials.  We are, however, very much in the business of assessing the manner — good and not so good — in which town officials carry out the duties of their offices.

Our purpose is to constructively identify ways to improve our towns’ governing process for the betterment of our home towns.   Yes, if we find that a town official, in the conduct of his or her public duties, has made a poor decision, or failed to take action, let’s not hammer the official personally.  Let’s carefully identify where things went wrong, why and how to improve future administrative and procedural events.


1.  Focus on the issue or the problem, not the persons who may have created the problem.

2.  Gather the facts, as best you can, before contributing your comment.

3.  When posting a comment on an existing topic — or when adding a new topic — please identify which of the Southtowns you call home.

If you want to suggest a new topic, click on the “Register” link on the right side of the first page.  Once you are registered, with a password, you may send new topic posts to the site administrator for review.

4.  If you really feel strongly about an issue, give yourself a cooling off period before sending off your comments.




  1. Sandy Chelnov

    I’m all for engagement, communication & problem solving among community members! If a people is to be free they/we need to know how to listen well to one another . . . with a striving to better understand the other and the issue(s) at stake from a variety of perspectives. A people who want to be free get to both assert rights AND need to take on responsibilities that help make our community/society work better for all. . .for the common good! Such freedom (and self-government, that is government by, for & of the people) isn’t merely given to us (that will never work) – it takes productive engagement. Let’s do unto one another as we would like to be done to us!


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